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About chelsea

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Hi!  I'm Chelsea and I am the founder of I Move For Me.  

I started my journey as a body positive personal trainer in 2020.  I wanted to provide a resource for those who wanted to move their bodies, with guidance, with a gentle  and weight neutral approach.  

In 2021, I launched this product line, I Move For Me, to provide inspirational goods to accompany you throughout your journey, whether that includes movement or not.   


Why "I Move For Me"?   If your journey does include movement, I want you to grant yourself the permission to do the things that bring joy to you and to move for you, and you alone.

I'm so glad you're here.  

About our collections


The I Move For Me Collection is our flagship collection and encompasses the way that I hope all people look at movement - not only in a joyful way, but also enjoying and honoring movement that they do for themselves.


In a world where you can be anything, why not be yourself?   You are unique and special and should be yourself every day.  And never, never apologize for being that person.  No matter your shape or size or color or how you identify - that is you, and you should be nothing but proud.


Why do dad bods get all the love?


Don’t get me wrong, dads are awesome!  But, the dad bod has gotten so much popularity lately that it got me thinking – where’s the celebration of the mom bod?


To me a mom bod is something you have earned – and it has nothing to do with what your body looks like.  My body is a celebration of my children and how my body created them and carried them and nurtured them.  It is something that is so important for me to remember, and I want all of you to as well.  You’re a mom, you have a body, therefore, you have a #mombod. 


I started designing our brand new Never Stop Fighting collection after my diagnosis with breast cancer.

So many women I know reached out sharing similar stories and I wanted to create something meaningful for the 1 in 8 as well as their family and friends.

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